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Power Utility and Medium Voltage Power Wire Cable

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15KV/8KV - 3 Cond, EPR, Shielded, MV-105, 100% or 133%

5KV, 3 Cond, EPR/PVC, Non-Shielded, MV-105, 100% or 133%

35KV, EPR, Shielded, MV-105, 100%

5KV, EPR/HYP, Non-Shielded, MV-105, Wet/Dry

5KV, EPR, Shielded, MV-105, (5KV 100% or 133% - 8KV 100%)

5KV, EPR/PVC, Non-Shielded, MV-105, Wet/Dry

5KV, XLP, Non-Shielded, MV-90, Dry, 100%

5KV/8KV - 3 Cond, EPR, Shielded, MV-105, (5KV 133% or 8KV 100%)

5KV, XLP, Shielded, MV-90, 100% or 133%

Power Utility Wire and Cable types such as15kv 25kv 35kv 600v 600 volt URD Underground Residential Distribution Wire Cable. UD TR-XLP Aluminum AAAC ACAR ACSR ACSR/AW Wires Cables. Triplex Service Drop Wiring Cabling. Quadruplex Duplex Power Utility Wire Cable.
Covered Line Wires, Transformer Riser Wire and Single Conductor 600 Volt Secondary Wire Cable. Aluminum Clad Steel Wiring Cabling. Triplex Duplex Quadruplex Wire Cable.
medium voltage power cable wire such as mv-105 and mv-90 with 100% or 133% 15kv 8kv shielded shield with insulation properties such as epr xlp and pvc