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FM Exciter Exciters Radio Broadcast Transmitter Transmitters by R.V.R. FM Exciter Transmitter from 30 Watts up to 1000 Watts. R.V.R. Broadcast Transmitters Exciters may include the following Radio Broadcast Broadcasting Equipment models:

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FM Broadcast Exciter Transmitter R.V.R. PTX100LCD Completely Microprocessor Supervised. S/N typical 90 dB provides Digital CD Quality. Optimized PLL design improves the low frequency response. Exhaustive listening tests confirm trasparency and clearness of audio. User Friendly Graphics Interface allows the settings and reading of all exciter's working parameters. All exciter's settings and measures are available through RS232C interface. Possibilty of external analog signals acquisition and external devices Relay control like amplifiers, changeovers, etc. Alarms Chronological Table permanently memorized Selfdiagnosis. Always ON-AIR at any VSWR level.

FM Exciter Transmitter R.V.R The quality of digital transmission at a competitive price.<br />The latest use of DSP technology complying with all EC, FCC and CCIR standards.<br />High performance built-in digital stereo coder, ITU professional limiter and on board RDS.<br />Completely microprocessor controlled, easy to program via menu or RS232, all main parameters displayed on LCD screen.<br />AES/EBU, L&R, Mono and MPX inputs, auxiliary inputs for SCA / RDS signals.<br />Totally manufactured with SMD technology for superior operating security.<br />Perfectly interfaceable with all RVR telemetry systems to guarantee simple remote control of operating parameters.<br />80 to 260 V multi-voltage universal power feeder with no selection requirements.<br />Compact: only 2 rack units, crush-proof and light, crush-proof and light, stainless steel chassis.


Blues30NV FM Exciter Broadcast quality 30 Watt Watts
TEX 30 Adjustable power output from 0 to 30 W with any VSWR conditions
TEX 50 50 Watt Broadcast quality at a value price, can be used as drivers for medium
power FM stations or as stand-alone broadcast applications.

TEX 100/150 100 / 150 Watt Watts
Professional FM Exciters in
30W 50W 60W 100W
Transparency and clearness with CD quality FM.
The quality of digital transmission at a competitive price.
Digital Exciters
Compact Broadband System
Extra Compact High Quality FM Transmitter
TEX300LCD 300 Watt Watts
TEX500 LCD 500 Watt Watts

TEX1000 LCD 1000W 1000 Watt Watts

FM Broadcast Transmitter Exciter 1000w 1000 Watt Watts Very Small Compact Transmitter Exciter Digital user interface to diagnostic and control all the parameters displayed (frequency, output power, measurement, etc...)<br />Adjustable power output from 0 to 1000W. On-air under any VSWR conditions.<br />Power supply multi-voltage from 90-250V directly without selector.<br />Low cost with hihg performance.<br />Available with 2 SCA/RDS input connectors.<br />Built-in stereo coder with high performance.<br />Really small dimensions Only 3HE.

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FM radio station transmitter Transmitters and Exciter and Exciters by R.V.R.
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